10 fun, cute ways to announce a pregnancy


Here’s the scenario: You just took a pregnancy test to follow up on a hunch you’ve had for a while. This is the big moment. All of your hard work figuring out how to get pregnant naturally might finally be paid off. You look down at the test stick and … it’s positive! Now what do you do? This is hardly a secret you’ll want to carry yourself, but what if your partner isn’t home and you won’t see your family and friends for a couple of days? It’s time to do a little planning. There’s nothing more fun and exciting than a pregnancy announcement. Here are 10 ideas to help you come up with one that your loved ones will never forget.

1. Ask someone to check the oven

Whether you want to surprise your partner or another loved one, one idea is to put a bun in your oven without the person knowing (a hamburger bun is easy). Later, maybe when you’re making dinner, casually ask the person if he or she can check on what’s in the oven. You might want to follow the person into the kitchen to see his or her reaction once the meaning becomes clear!

2. Use a fortune cookie

If the person you’re telling has a penchant for takeout, why not make your own fortune cookie? Just use a pair of tweezers to remove the existing fortune from a regular fortune cookie, then type up your own fortune, like “July will welcome a new baby,” if that’s your due date. Slip it inside the fortune cookie,then wrap it up. You could make it casual by putting it back in the wrapper it came in, or make it special by placing it in a takeout box with tissue paper.

3. Make a movie poster

To make the announcement to friends and family, get creative by making a movie poster. Take a picture of you and your partner, then use your computer to put a witty title and your names over your heads. On the bottom, write “coming in” along with whatever month your baby is due. Look at an actual movie poster or cover if you need some layout ideas.

4. Cook something up

To tell your partner, you could make a food item spell out the message for you. Try making a cookie with icing that says something like “I’m pregnant!” or even a hamburger with ketchup that spells out a telling message.

5. Make like a celebrity

If your friends and family are all on social media, you could make the announcement the celebrity way. Post a picture of your pregnancy test, ultrasound or something else that will reveal your big news and watch the comments and likes come in.

6. Take some photos

One idea is to take a series of photos to send to your loved ones. Many couple choose this route and get really creative with pictures of then blowing up balloons with messages on them, standing in front of a “bump ahead” sign or lining up their shoes next to a pair of baby shoes. There are plenty of options – use your imagination to come up with something your family and friends will adore.

7. Tell them during a family portrait

If it’s around the holidays, you could make the announcement while your family is taking a picture – that way, you’ll capture everyone’s reaction to the news. Instead of “Say cheese!” say “I’m pregnant!”

8. Use your older children

If you already have children, they can help you reveal the surprise. To tell your partner, have your young child hand him the pregnancy test. Or, have your children take a picture and hold up signs with their birth order number, putting the latest one on your stomach. You could even take a picture of your child in a T-shirt saying “Only child, expiring Feb. 23,” or whatever your due date is, if he or she is your first child. A T-shirt with something like “I’m being promoted to big brother!” works too.

9. Write a message on your stomach

To give your partner a little surprise, use a washable marker to write a message on your stomach, like “Can’t wait to meet you!” Then tell him or her that you have something strange on your stomach and lift up your shirt so your loved one can check it out.

10. Give them gifts

Send your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters gifts that give them the hint. It could be a bunch of pink and blue flowers, baby booties, books to read the baby or even a hat that says “World’s Best Grandpa.” You can give your partner gifts like this too, like a onesie with a cute message on it or some pink and blue cupcakes. The sky’s the limit!


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