3 things you should do during your pregnancy


From now until the day you deliver, you'll find that there's always something that you can't do during your pregnancy. Whether it be your favorite drink because it contains caffeine or avoiding the jacuzzi because of the hot water, there's bound to be something you must refrain from even when your body is telling you otherwise.

Check out our list of things that you must do at some point during your pregnancy:

Must-dos during pregnancy

Have a spa day: As your belly starts to get bigger it may feel like other parts of your body are starting to ache. Your pelvis is also stretching, so your hips may seem out of place and cause pain. A growing baby is pound to put some pressure on your back, too. When you're feeling achy and unattractive – that's bound to happen – head to the spa for a massage, manicure and pedicure. You'll enjoy being pampered and leave feeling refreshed. 

Go on a date: You and your partner won't be a party of two for much longer if you're a first-time mom. Plan a special date night (or three!) and go out for a nice dinner. You should also consider going for a stroll through the park before your belly gets too big or go for a car ride to see a special place you've always wanted to visit. 

Go shopping: Going shopping when you're pregnant is always fun! You'll definitely want to visit a few maternity stores to get yourself some cute new clothes. Although you may find it a little sad you'll no longer be able to fit into your little black dress, finding that first maternity outfit is a feeling that may bring a few tears to your eyes. You should also go shopping for your little one before he or she arrives. As soon as you find out the sex, head to a nearby baby store and pick out an adorable little outfit. 

Is there anything you're planning to do at some point during your pregnancy? Share in the comments below! 

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