3 tips for surviving a summer pregnancy


Getting ready for baby can take a toll on women, especially when all that hard work is being done during the summertime!

For ladies who are pregnant or even expecting a first child, carrying around a baby bump during the warmer months of the year can take a tremendous physical toll and be difficult to deal with, particularly as the mercury keeps on rising.

"Pregnant women already have some degree of heat intolerance," Adelaide Nardone, M.D., medical advisor to the Vagisil Women's Health Center, told WebMD.

As a result, when summer babies are about to arrive, this can put women in rough shape physically and emotionally. With these three tips, women have a better chance of overcoming issues that can be common during warm weather pregnancies and enjoy the last few weeks of their third trimesters!

1. Stay hydrated
In general, people should strive to stay extra hydrated during the summer months because the heat can have an adverse effect on one's overarching wellness.

However, pregnant women are especially susceptible to the risk of dehydration, which is why they should try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, plus 8 ounces of water for each hour spent outside in the heat.

2. Be cool
The temperatures spike when the mercury climbs, and as a result, you need to find ways of staying cool no matter what. Taking a quick dip in your backyard pool or at the beach can have a rejuvenating effect on your overall energy levels, which can also impact your baby's health and development!

You can also stay chill by staying in an air-conditioned house or apartment during the dog days of summer – your main focus should be escaping that heavy, dry air outside.

3. Treat yourself
During the summer months, all those swelteringly hot days can make it difficult to get any work done, and for ladies in need of assistance or single mother support, sporting a baby bump during these inhospitable periods can be a lot to handle.

For these reasons, it's a great idea for moms-to-be to think about ways that they can treat themselves for a job well done. Whether this includes taking a trip to a beauty salon to get a flattering haircut or a pedicure, there are sweet things that you can do to indulge yourself that will help you feel better.

And, while you're at it and it's summertime, you should consider swinging by an ice cream parlor and snacking on a sweet scoop of refreshing vanilla or rich chocolate ice cream. No matter what you do, try to find ways of easing the tension you're sure to feel in the final weeks of your summer pregnancy.


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