3 ways to gain single mother support and downtime


Being a single mother can be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do, and bearing the full responsibility for the way your little guy or girl turns out can be immensely stressful, even for the most resilient of women.

While there’s no way to completely alleviate the feelings of uncertainty or frustration that may come from being a single mother, there are several ways that you can gain much-needed single mother support during this time of hardship.

Below are three ways that you can help decompress after a tough day at work and juggling your child’s many different needs. Doing so can help you reconnect with your inner self and experience a greater sense of confidence and self-assuredness.

1. Take a bath
After a day of handling your child’s changing moods alone, you may feel completely wiped out. This is totally understandable and is a product of all the hard work you have to put into being a parent.

One economical and ultra-luxurious way that you can ease back on the stress levels you’re experiencing is to take a bath. You may not think so, but a warm bubble bath can be just the thing to ease your senses and leave you feeling more relaxed than ever before.

2. Organize rotating events
As a single mother, putting a party together for your kid can be more nerve-racking than it is calming, but this can actually be a very good idea if you have a circle of friends who also have children. Consider organizing a monthly schedule where you each rotate the kids for play dates and parties. This can give each mother the chance to have a little alone time for a day or two each month, and help children develop deeper bonds with one another.

3. Rent a movie
Have you felt like getting some me-time recently but you haven’t had the opportunity to do so because your children have had problems or been especially demanding? Going to the movies to let off some steam can be expensive, but if you want to unwind after a difficult day, consider renting a movie and watching it after your little ones go to bed.

This can also be a fun time to paint your nails, give yourself a facial or do any other number of rewarding personal activities that help you feel good about yourself.

With the three tips outlined above, you can be well on your way to relaxing and feeling more at peace with your obligations as a mother. If you still feel overwhelmed, you can also reach out to other women in your area and search for a group that specializes in building support for single mothers.

Gaining a forum through which you can discuss your fears and vent your frustrations can allow you to acquire a better perspective as the years go on and you take on new duties related to parenting. 


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