3 ways to get over your fear of labor right now


You've experienced the many joys of pregnancy: You've enjoyed every ultrasound, bought the tiny adorable clothes and spent hours daydreaming about your sweet little one. But now that your nine months are coming to an end, you find yourself in a tailspin of fear. Maybe you're worried about the pain, the potential for surgery or just how you'll keep up your strength.

To all those fears, we say stop! It's perfectly normal to be nervous about such a big event – especially one that involves bringing a new life into the world. But being fearful about delivery day isn't going to get you anywhere. What you need more than anything during labor is confidence – here's how to get it:


Understand that what you're about to do – deliver a baby – is as old a custom as time. Seriously, there's nothing more ordinary than giving birth, as women have been doing so for centuries. If you believe this, you'll dissuade yourself from fearing labor as a traumatic event – saving yourself the dread and making the process easier on your body and mind.


While you count down the days until your due date, focus on reframing your thinking. Contractions aren't incredibly painful things to agonize over. They're a necessary piece of the process, opening your cervix to make delivery possible. Start thinking of each contraction as something that brings you one step closer to meeting your baby. Visualize the moment your contractions allow you to bring your little one into the world. Each time you're caught up in your fear, imagine that moment your doctor will place that beautiful baby in your arms for the first time.

Get the right support

Building the right labor team can make all the difference in the delivery room. Give ample thought to who you want by your side, holding your hand, rubbing your back and cheering you on. Who will bring you comfort and help you find the strength you'll need to complete this awesome task? Ask that person, whether it's your mom or a doula, to offer their support while you labor – and then put your faith in them to help keep you calm, focused and strong.

How are you feeling as your due date gets closer? What other ways are you working to stay calm? Share your experiences with us below!


  1. Seriously I have been in fear,hearing how painful it is.the tear etc. But I am strong now.and I refused to give myself into fear.I will overcome.

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