3 ways to repurpose your baby’s old clothes


Getting ready for baby means stocking up on all the clothes that you might need to help him or her be the most stylish little one in the neighborhood, but even newborns are known to grow out of their clothes at a rapid pace. If you’re a first time mother, this can mean constantly having to cycle through different attire, and while this can be costly, it also leaves another question looming: What becomes of all this old baby clothing you have lying around?

For most moms, the fail-safe approach with any outgrown baby clothing is to set it aside for future little ones or to give it to fellow moms who may have babies that fit into it.

While this can be an economical and resourceful option, especially for women who are raising children alone and in need of single mother help, this isn’t the only way to put baby clothing to use. Consider these three creative options below to make the most of your little one’s outgrown garments.

1. Coasters
Your little one’s bright pink or blue clothes may make him or her look adorable, but once these garments have been outgrown, you may be scratching your head over what to do with them. One of the easiest and most creative ways to put these clothes to use is by making them into fabric coasters! Consider weaving the fabric together to create a unique and eye-catching tapestry of color that will add flair to your kitchen, living room or other areas.

2. Pot holders
While you won’t be doing any cooking for your newborn in the immediate future, chances are all those late nights helping him or her get back to sleep will leave you famished and eager to prepare yourself a few mouthwatering dishes. What better way to make those old baby clothes work for you than to refashion them into pot holders? Using a weaving trick similar to the one you used with the coasters, you can make this really work for you.

3. Heirloom quilt
Your son’s or daughter’s old clothes can be an ideal fabric choice for preparing an heirloom quilt. Fashioned out of your little one’s outgrown attire, this heirloom quilt can serve him or her well as the years go on. Best of all, an heirloom quilt is something that your child can pass on to his or her own little ones in the future.


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