4 date night ideas for moms-to-be


Sleepless nights and a screaming baby may rock your relationship to the core. Before your little one arrives, take some quality time to strengthen the love you share with your partner. Too tired or feeling too uncomfortable for a night out on the town? Never fear, we have four relaxed, low-key date night ideas just perfect for moms-to-be.

Pack a picnic

Skip the table for two and take your dinner al fresco to your neighborhood park. Spread out a blanket and pack the perfect basket – simple sandwiches, cut veggies and fruit. Or, go extra easy and stop for takeout on the way. Not only will you get some fresh air, but you’ll have the chance to lay down and find the most comfortable position right during dinner. Couldn’t do that in a restaurant, now could you?

Movie date

Nothing sucks the joy out of the movie theater quite like 10 trips to the bathroom. Ensure you’ll never miss a plot point by bringing the theater to your own living room. Dim the lights, pop a big bowl of popcorn and camp out with your partner on the couch for the night. When the flick is finished, sit down to dinner together to chat about your favorite parts of the movie.

Play tourist

Spend an afternoon playing tourist with your partner. Explore your own city by taking in food or architecture tours, hit the museums or plan to stroll around and see the sights for the day. Or, load up the car and plan a day trip to the nearest town. Embarking on an adventure together can be new and exciting enough to make sparks fly.

Get a room

For a mini escape from your day-to-day, book a hotel room for the night. Getting out of your normal routine can really shake things up between you and your partner. Staying the night at a hotel – even right in your own city – gets you away from your projects and to-do lists and puts the focus back on the two of you.

Do you have any great date night tips you’d like to share with other expectant moms? Let us know how you and your partner keep the love alive in the comments below!


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