4 great ways to dress up your bump for Halloween


The spookiest time of the year is officially in full swing, and while you may be busy getting ready for baby, the fact is, there’s no better season for celebrating your growing bump than Halloween!

From a devilishly sleek ensemble to a scary mummy costume, there’s no shortage of fun-filled getups that you can rock during this time of year. However, if you really want to be a scream at your Halloween gatherings this year, you might want to consider some of the horrifyingly radiant costume ideas below.

1. Mummy
Wrap your mind around this go-to classic, especially if you’re a first time mother. What better way to frame your bump – not to mention go for the tongue-in-cheek approach – than by dressing up as a mummy? You can take a fashion-forward stance and keep your head free of bandages, but go for a crazy, messy hairdo that suggests you’ve been sleeping for several centuries. Chances are, at this stage in your pregnancy, you probably wish you could!

2. Nun
How many hail Marys will you need to get out of this one? For moms-to-be with a sense of humor, attending a Halloween bash as a pregnant nun is a surefire way to get a few laughs throughout the evening and show off your silly side. From habit to rosary beads, finding everything you’ll need to make this outfit complete shouldn’t be hard, and you’re certain to make a splash.

3. Zombie queen
Some days, especially late in the third trimester, you might feel like the undead. Now, you can actually harness this into some spooky Halloween fun! Wearing whatever spare maternity clothes you have lying around, consider shredding up bits of your garments or dousing them with fake blood.

Using green face paint, you can create the illusion that you’re a member of the walking dead, and use this ghoulish costume as an opportunity to freak out your closest friends. You may even want to consider painting your bump green as well – especially if you’ve gotten tired of having people rub your belly over the last few months.

4. The Bride of Frankenstein
Looking for a couple’s costume that you can share with your partner? Why not dress up as Frankenstein and his bride? The best part about this costume is that all you need is a billowy white dress to make it complete – you can try to style your hair in the same vein as the original film’s star did, but any well coiffed style will do, as long as you have white streaks in your hair. Your partner can dress up as Frankenstein, and the two of you are sure to make an electrifying impact during the holiday season.


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