4 tips for planning a baby shower for a first time mother


When it comes to imagining what it will be like to be a first time mother, many women can’t get over the biggest fantasy of all: Having a baby shower! For many young women growing up, envisioning having a big party to celebrate the arrival of a little boy or girl can be a wonderful way to experience the joys of parenthood.

If your friend, relative, partner or coworker is becoming a mother and you’re helping arrange the baby shower, you may feel uncertain about how to go about putting together this event. With the four tips below, you can make it easier to manage this event and create a great lasting memory for the special expectant mother in your life.

1. Find a date
The most important thing you need to do as you help organize a baby shower is find a date that works for the mom-to-be! This will be harder if you’re throwing a surprise get-together, but if you get close and casually ask her for information about her next couple of weeks’ worth of plans, you’re sure to get a better sense of what times work best for her.

2. Send out theme-specific invitations
Are you going for a nautical theme for the baby shower, or focusing on something very gender-specific, like cars for boys or princesses for girls? With your theme in mind, consider picking out invitations that match it or complement it in a creative way.

3. Keep time tables in mind
In the weeks leading up to a baby shower, timing really is essential for ensuring that everything is done well. In the six weeks leading up to the baby shower, you should order a cake, flowers and food that will be consumed during the event. You should also have games set in place and finalize your plans for a venue.

4. Pick up unique gifts
Depending on when you plan the baby shower, the soon-to-be mother in your life may have a few months to go before the little guy or gal arrives!

As a result, you can actually use the baby shower as a time to get creative with your gift ideas. Consider the benefits of purchasing chic maternity clothes for her to wear in the remaining trimester of her pregnancy, or sweet, luxurious items like bath soaps, perfumes or facial creams that can help her feel more feminine and confident for the rest of the pregnancy. 


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