5 annoying things to expect from family, friends during pregnancy


Morning sickness, an aching back and tearful episodes – these are the hallmarks of pregnancy. As moms-to-be, we suffer through these symptoms, knowing full well they come with the territory. But what comes as a surprise during these nine months? How little patience and understanding our fellow members of the human race can garner. If you’re newly pregnant, heed this advice: Dealing with people while you’re expecting is a whole different ballgame. From your mother to your friends to the cashier at the grocery store, people have a strange way of interacting with pregnant women. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Belly rubs

Who knows what it is about a burgeoning baby bump that makes people feel like they have a right to touch it.¬†This item seems especially prevalent among older women who feel as though it’s their duty to rub your growing stomach. Don’t even get me started on all the comments your body’s about to receive. Some people see pregnancy as open season to talk about the size and shape of a woman’s stomach. Repeat after me: Not cool. There’s nothing wrong with politely asking people to respect your personal space.

2. Unwanted advice

Warning: Toward the end of your pregnancy, you’ll want to kick the next person who offers you unsolicited advice about pregnancy and motherhood. It happens that often. Instead of letting it drive you crazy, put your game face on and do your best to smile and get through it. Years later, when you come across a mom-to-be in public, remember how annoying all this unwanted advice is – and don’t contribute to the problem.

3. Warnings

While you dream of life with your sweet newborn, people will be quick to remind you of all the craziness that awaits you. They won’t skip an opportunity to put a dent in your unbridled joy, reminding you of the sleepless nights, confusion and utter frustration to come.

4. Eating patrol

As soon as some folks know you’re expecting, they’ll be all over every food and drink choice you make. Is that egg cooked enough? Have you washed those strawberries? Will too many onions upset the baby? Be confident in your choices by reading through our prenatal eating guide.

5. Announcements

No matter how badly you may want to keep news of your pregnancy under wraps, there will always be someone – your grandmother, your co-worker or your best friend – who shares your news before you’re ready.

Have you noticed people treating you differently now that you’re expecting? What’s surprised you? Tell us all about it in the comments below.


  1. Yep everyone is straight up annoying me. Asking me about testing. Trying to book flights (I’m 3 months) telling me what the gender is when I havent announces it. God help me.

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