5 early pregnancy signs to watch out for


For some women, getting pregnant naturally can take a mix of hard work, planning, and diligence. While for some, conceiving may be an easy process, for others, it can take time and patience.

When it comes to a first time mother, there are plenty of signs to watch out for with pregnancy, but the following are five that are easy to overlook or confuse with sickness or premenstrual syndrome. Are you mistaking some of these early signs for another health issue? Consider this list of the five most commonly overlooked early pregnancy signs to learn more.

1. Nausea and vomiting

Almost every woman knows that when it comes to natural pregnancy tips, being affected by nausea or vomiting is a clear sign that a bun may be in the oven. While it’s true that nausea and vomiting, usually referred to as morning sickness, is often the tell-tale indicator of pregnancy, some women may not connect this phenomenon to their missed periods. Being mindful of the link between nausea, vomiting, and pregnancy can be important for understanding when pregnancy has occurred.

2. Sore breasts

While this is a quintessential – and rather annoying – sign of PMS, sore breasts can also be a sign that you’re in the early weeks of pregnancy! If you notice that your breasts are fuller or feel more tender, this could be an early symptom of your burgeoning baby bump.

3. Fatigue

The pressures of work and home can leave you feeling exhausted, but if you’re also trying to have a baby, fatigue may be a sign that a little one is on his or her way. Chronic fatigue and the burning desire to break up your day in naps can tip you off that you’ve got a bun in the oven.

4. Mood swings

Have you been feeling crabby or short-tempered lately and you can’t figure out why? This may be due to the fact that you’re pregnant but haven’t realized it yet. If your moods have fluctuated wildly over the last few weeks and you vacillate between feeling excited and sad with little provocation, this could be another sign that you’re with child.

5. Shortness of breath

This one may seem unexpected, but did you know that shortness of breath can be a common symptom of early pregnancy? This occurs because the growing embryo can demand additional oxygen, leaving you literally short of breath.

With these five symptoms of early pregnancy on your mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional to take a test if you are currently affected by one or more of these issues. The quicker you learn about your pregnancy, the faster you can start preparing your nursery!
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