5 great things you can do now that you’ve given birth


Getting ready for baby can be an exciting moment in the lives of you and your partner, but let’s face it – being pregnant for all those trimesters isn’t exactly a breeze for you!

From setting aside your sky-high footwear to doing away with some of your most cherished beauty rituals in order to ensure that the baby’s development is as healthy as possible, there are a variety of things that you, as a first time mother, will need to sacrifice for your baby.

While there will be plenty of challenges to overcome after you give birth, this can also be a great time to indulge in all those little things you had to give up during pregnancy. Below are five suggestions to help get you started.

1. Have a drink

When it comes to drinking, you should definitely avoid doing this while you’re pregnant. However, after the baby has been born – and when it doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding – having a beer or glass of wine can be a great way to relax after a long day at work or at home, and can definitely be a fun post-baby option!

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2. Sleep on your stomach

When you’re pregnant, sleeping on your stomach can leave you feeling uneasy and afraid that you’re squishing the baby, so many mothers shift to sleeping on their sides for fear of harming their little ones. Once the baby has arrived, you can get back to sleeping in the position you love most.

3. Eat all of the spicy foods you want

Spicy food can be too much for women who are expecting, and it’s no surprise if you’re forced to set aside your love of Mexican food for the duration of your pregnancy out of fear that it will cause killer indigestion. Some breastfed babies may have trouble with the foods mom eats, so experiment to find what works for baby.

4. Wear heels – or any footwear – without assistance

No pregnant woman likes to admit that she needs help slipping into a pair of shoes, let alone flats, so why would you risk wearing high heels during your pregnancy? While some ultra-talented ladies can continue to rock heels well into their last trimesters, most of us can’t. But after the baby’s born, you can dust off your kicks and show off your stylish footwear with the best of them.

5. Bleaching

Not every woman depends on this stellar beauty ritual, but many do. When it comes to that embarrassing upper lip peach fuzz, women with darker tresses may be inclined to dye their hair. During pregnancy, bleaching is a big no-no, but after you’re done nursing, you can bleach away until your heart’s content! (Or your tell-tale peach fuzz is nowhere to be seen.)


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