5 things your nanny wants you to know but won’t say to your face


If you're planning on being a working mom, and even if you aren't, you may consider hiring a nanny to help with the baby as you adapt to your new role.

When you get a nanny, keep in mind some of these things you nanny wish you knew, but probably won't tell you:

"It's our job"
You hire a nanny for assistance with your children, so don't forget to treat them in a professional manner. Make sure you pay them fairly and consistently – it's how they earn their money to live off of, and be respectful of their time. If you leave to go run a few errands and it's almost time for them to go home, don't make any side stops, because it wouldn't be very fair to keep them when they have a life to get back to.

"Don't be afraid to check in"
When don't you worry about your kids if you aren't around them, seriously? Don't feel like you're intruding if you call to check up on the kids while they're with your nanny. Do whatever you need to in order to make yourself more comfortable, even if that includes installing a nanny cam or coming home early, as long as it will help you build a trusting relationship.

"It's all about trust and communication"
Be as open as you can with your nanny so that you can trust them. Communication is key to a trusting relationship, so if you have an issue, reach out about it. Address the issue right away so that it doesn't build up inside of you and boils over before it can be talked about.

"Don't give us your to-do list"
You hired a nanny to help take care of the children, and unless you've negotiated housework into your arrangement, then don't leave lists of things for them to do while you're gone. Most nannies won't bat an eye when it comes to cleaning up messes that the children make, because that's part of caring for them, but they probably don't want to do your laundry or dust your fireplace mantel.

"I don't want to be your friend or marriage therapist."
Like we said before, it's your nanny's job to be your nanny, so don't turn her into a friend or a therapist. Although it feels good to vent if you're feeling stressed or have a disagreement with your spouse, she isn't the one to go to talk about these things.

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