5 tips to make traveling easier during pregnancy


As your bump grows bigger and bigger, chances are your dreams of foreign adventures or sojourns to other parts of the country will diminish considerably. It’s not that a vacation isn’t needed – in fact, at many points during pregnancy, it may feel much-deserved – the fact is, most mothers-to-be have bigger things on their minds than a trip, like getting ready for baby.

But during pregnancy, some trips are non-negotiable, like a planned stay at a relative’s house. This can be a pleasant experience for some, but other women struggle to feel comfortable while traveling. With these five tips, going from place to place during pregnancy can be easier than ever before.

1. Talk to a healthcare provider
Before you take any kind of extended trip, reach out to your doctor to ensure that it’s OK for you to do so. This may be just a quick check-up, but it can be important for you and your partner to gain peace of mind before you embark on an adventure together.

2. Prepare for the unexpected
Even the best-laid plans can become a mess due to unexpected hiccups or delays, but when you’re pregnant, this can take on a whole new dimension. When you’re pregnant, you may be fighting the urge all day long not to put your feet up or sprawl out on your favorite sofa to relax after a tense day, but while you’re traveling, you may not feel this is so easy to do.

While you may not be within the comfort of your own domain, by planning for potential issues – including health troubles, discomfort or sudden feelings of tiredness – you may be able to feel calm.

3. Plan for comfort
Whether you travel by bus, plane or car, comfort is key during pregnancy for making sure you get to your destination without delay. If you’re traveling in a vehicle, you may want to pack along a neck pillow, ear plugs and a blanket so that you can relax throughout the ride, while having bottled water, snacks and spare bags in case you get motion sickness can help you feel at ease during the journey.

4. Pack your healthcare documents
You never know what kind of potential hazards you could encounter while you’re away from home, which is why it’s so essential that you do your best to manage your health while you can. One of the best ways to reduce the potential for pregnancy complications is to bring all of your relevant healthcare documents with you, as this can make you prepared to manage any potential challenges.

5. Know your limits
When it comes to traveling during pregnancy, women should be especially careful during their third trimesters, as this can be a dangerous period for being on an airplane.

Although this can be different for each airline provider, most recommend that women who are in the final weeks of their pregnancies avoid this mode of travel, as it could lead to potential health risks. Additionally, most healthcare providers urge women not to travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy unless in the event of an emergency.


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