6 things pregnant women don’t want to hear


Although you’re still in the early stages of pregnancy, it probably wouldn’t hurt to start preparing now to hear some bothersome things throughout the next nine months. Not only will you seemingly get bigger by the day as you get further down the road to baby, you’re going to get more uncomfortable.

Things pregnant women don’t want to hear

In addition to your baby belly growing bigger, hormones are also running rampant through your body. Things that you would normally find funny if you weren’t carrying a watermelon in your stomach now make you angry or even want to cry. Here are a list of things that you won’t want to hear in just a few short months:

“You’re so big”: This is perhaps the one statement that should never be said to a pregnant woman. It’s something that certainly won’t lead to any positive feelings and will make you want to immediately walk away from the person who said it to you.

“Labor was so difficult”: Thinking about pushing a baby out of a small hole isn’t exactly comforting, so when you tell a pregnant woman that labor was a horrific experience for you you’re only gong to instill an even bigger sense of fear in her. Don’t tell her a miserable story about how long you pushed or how your labor was excruciating.

“Are you going to breastfeed?”: Women are well aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, from helping to boost baby’s immune system to creating that mother-child bond, but some women just can’t do it. Whether it’s because she’s a single mother who is raising a little one on her own or a working mom who just doesn’t have the time, a woman is going to choose what works best for her and her body.

“How are you feeling?”: While this seems like an acceptable question, there’s a big difference between the answer a pregnant woman will likely give you and what she’s really thinking. She’s probably feeling like a whale, has hormones taking over her body and doesn’t really want to be around anyone, so save everyone the trouble and just avoid asking.

“Are you sure you should be eating that?”: Aside from the long list of things that pregnant women can’t eat – certain kinds of seafood and unpasturized cheese top the list – offering eating suggestions to a woman isn’t the thing to do. She knows what’s on the “do not eat” list, so it’s probably best to not question her.

“You’re totally having a boy”: We all know the myths that say if you’re belly is low then you’re having a boy and if it’s sitting higher then you’re definitely having a girl. Remember, this is just an old wives tale and there’s really nothing physically that indicates whether a woman is going to deliver a boy or girl. Don’t “tell” her what she’s having, unless she asks you.

Has anyone said something to you thus far in your pregnancy that bothered you? Join the discussion in the comments below!


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