Baby name trend: Boy names for baby girls


From baby Maxwell Drew to the arrival of little Lincoln, traditionally masculine names being used for baby girls has surged in popularity over the last year, and continue to be a growing trend among the Hollywood elite.

For some parents, especially new moms about to give birth to a first child, using a classic male name for a little girl can seem straight up wacky!

Yet can such gender-friendly monikers actually be a versatile choice for your baby girl, especially as she gets older and encounters a wide range of experiences? Consider these 5 popular unisex names.

1. Kai
Before Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West settled on the show-stopping name North West for their baby girl, rumors swirled that the duo planned to name her Kai, in honor of the Kardashian family’s renowned penchant for K-themed names. For women who are looking for an enduring and powerful name for baby girls, Kai can be an excellent choice.

2. Max
Singer Jessica Simpson may have made headlines when she named her baby girl Maxwell, but she’s hardly the only mom around who has settled on this adorable name for a daughter! Max can be a charming nickname for baby girls and boys, so women should keep it in mind during pregnancy.

3. Dylan
Fans of musician Bob Dylan or poet Dylan Thomas are sure to love this classic yet ethereal name. Regardless of whether you’re expecting a baby boy or a girl, Dylan can be an excellent choice for either gender.

4. Jagger
Similar to Dylan, the appeal of a name like Jagger is all in the stage power! Parents who opt to name their little girls this – like former “Punky Brewster” star Soleil Moon Frye, who named her daughter Jagger Joseph Blue – may be doing so to honor legendary rocker Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones.

“Jagger was a name that we loved from the beginning of the pregnancy. We always wanted to be surprised by the sex and we felt like it was perfect for a boy or a girl,” Frye told People magazine.

5. Billie
With some traditionally masculine names – like Billy – spelling can make a big difference! Derived from the name William, Billy can be an adorable nickname for little boys. For girls, switching up the spelling to Billie can hearken back to Michael Jackson’s hit song “Billie Jean” and also put a distinctive spin on this classic male name.

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