Blame it on the bump: 5 times your pregnancy gets you off scot-free


Pregnant women have a lot to deal with: There's mood swings and morning sickness, an ever-changing body and heartburn. And the stress of bringing new life into this world? Don't even get us started! But while pregnancy may get you down from time-to-time, there are more reasons than not to love this season of your life. For one, your growing baby can get you out of a number of jams. Here are five times when blaming your pregnancy is OK.


Pregnancy has a way of slowing us down. Most common in the first and third trimesters, fatigue can hit expectant moms hard. When you can't stomach another dinner with your in-laws, or you're dreading that after work outing, no one can fault you for fessing up that you're just too tired to join in on the fun. These days, napping is a perfectly acceptable activity. Indulge yourself now, before your baby arrives and you have to adjust to someone else's schedule.

Pregnancy brain

That fogginess and forgetfulness you're battling all of a sudden could be a result of your developing baby. Your surging hormones, stress and attention to all things baby are contributing factors. If you find yourself blowing off a work meeting or forgetting a friend's birthday bash, your growing bump may be the cause.


Now's the time to take that grocery store clerk up on his or her offer to help you to your car. While many people believe that heavy-lifting poses a risk for a growing fetus, you're much more likely to do harm to yourself. During pregnancy, your body is flooded with a hormone called relaxin, which literally relaxes the muscles and joints to make room for your little one. That's why it's easier to pull muscles and otherwise throw your body out of whack when you have a baby on the way. Soak up the extra attention now and sit back while others do all that heavy lifting for you.


From road rage to the tears you suddenly shed in the produce aisle, hormones are certainly to blame for your impressive mood swings. While we don't advocate taking your stress or anger out on those around you, if you need to snap, your friends and family are bound to understand – or at least stay out of your way.


Pregnancy is the perfect excuse for indulging in something decadent every once in a while. The old adage that you're now eating for two has no truth behind it, but you do need to add an extra 300 calories to your daily diet. While it's a smart move to make those calories count with whole nutritious foods, relishing in a sundae from time to time isn't going to hurt anyone, now is it?

Have you blamed your growing bump for anything lately? Share your experience in the comments below.

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