Boy or girl? 3 old wives’ tales to predict the outcome


If you’re waiting until your delivery date to find out if you’re having a little boy or a little girl, the suspense must be killing you! Although it’s exciting to surprise yourself, it’s also fun to indulge some old wives’ tales and see if you can’t guess what Junior’s gender will be once he or she finally arrives. Here are a few old-fashioned ways to predict which sex you’re expecting.

1. The pendulum test.

To try this one out, tie a piece of your hair around a ring and hold it over your belly. If it swings side to side, tradition says you’re expecting a boy – but if it swings in circles, you could soon be mommy to a little girl.

2. The bump test.

Traditional wisdom holds that girls are carried higher in the womb, while boys sit lower. If your bump is down by your pelvis, your baby might be a boy – but if you’re carrying up near your chest, some will swear that you’re welcoming a girl. There’s no scientific basis for this little tidbit, but it’s still a fun way to guess!

3. The cravings test.

Some people believe that if you long for sweets like ice cream, cake and candy all day long, then you’re having a girl. If you want sour and salty things like peanut butter, pickles and chips, it could be a boy. No word on what it means if you’re having the famous ice-cream-and-pickles craving, though!

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