Can you find happiness by having children?

Most women longing to have a baby will tell you that motherhood is the missing puzzle piece in their lives. Still, once you become a parent and have a few little ones running around your home, does that mean you’re truly in bliss?

The consensus among experts may surprise women currently expecting. As it turns out, children may not make you happier in the long-run.

“I’ve received hate mail in the past from some parents after they’ve read about the studies, but often find that many parents feel liberated by the research,” Robin Simon, a Wake Forest University professor told She went on to say that parenting is an extremely difficult and stressful job and many parents are relieved to know they’re not alone.

Of course, individuals longing to be parents may find they missed out on one of life’s greatest gifts. The secret? Be the best mom you can be but pencil in cherished moments for yourself. When it comes down to it, a mother that has her own interests in mind as well as her children’s is bound to feel complete.

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