Creative ways to reveal the sex of your baby


You're probably still in your first trimester, but the one thing that's likely eating away at you is the sex of your baby. Sure, you have to make it to the 20-week mark before you'll officially know, but that won't stop you, and your friends and family from making guesses and taking bets.

Of course all you really want is a healthy baby, but there's a big part of you that wants to know if you're growing a little girl or boy inside your ever-growing belly so you can start doing the really fun stuff like buying clothes and painting the nursery, and perhaps even more important – picking out a name.

Gender reveal ideas
When the time does come to find out the sex, tell your friends and family, or if you're surprising yourselves, in a creative way use some of these ideas:

Mystery cake: Have your doctor write down the sex and turn to a trustworthy friend to make a cake for you. They can dye the cake pink or blue and let you cut into it to find out whether you'll be giving birth to a boy or girl.

Balloon release: Perhaps one of the most exciting for everyone to watch is the popular balloon release. You'll feel giddy as the anticipation of folding back the flaps of the box overcomes your excitement as the pink or blue balloons float through the air.

Piñata party: Really make it fun with a piñata. Fill the inside with pink or blue goodies such as candy and decorative string and let them take a swing at it. Their eyes will light up with excitement when they watch the insides spill onto the floor.

Make a game: Your friends and family are already taking bets on what you're having, so why not turn it into a game? Have all of your guests write it down or use a chalkboard for tallies to really get the conversations flowing. Then, when you're ready, unveil the sex of your baby and give small gifts to those who guess correctly.

Special package: If you just want to let your parents in on the secret, send them a box filled with pink or blue goodies. Make sure the outside of the box is gender neutral so it doesn't give it all away at first glance. You want to knock their socks off so be sure to include a variety of boy or girl treats, and maybe even a cute little onesie that says "grandma's girl" or "grandpa's first mate."

Siblings: Use your older children to help break the news. They can wear shirts that say "I'm getting a baby brother" or "I'm getting a baby sister" and walk into the room to share it with family and friends.

Maternity photos: When you have your maternity pictures done, buy pink or blue booties and lay them on your stomach to show off what you're having. It'll be a great photo to include in Christmas cards or to send to family and friends when announcing your baby shower.

Do you have other creative ideas on how to reveal the sex of your baby to family and friends? If so, please share them in the comments, we'd love to hear what you've done!


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