Everything you ever wanted to know about pregnancy sex


It’s no secret that your sex drive is about as wild as a car chase in a summer blockbuster when you’re pregnant. One day you can’t stand the thought of your partner touching you, while the next you’re practically ready to ambush him when he walks through the door. Whether it’s the furthest thing from your mind or a topic you can’t stop thinking about, sex during pregnancy is something that you need to familiarize yourself with. After all, just like every other aspect of your life, your time under the sheets is affected when you’re expecting.

Is it safe?

The first thing you might be wondering is whether it’s okay for you to have sex while you’re pregnant. Experts agree that as long as you’re healthy and your baby isn’t in any danger, sex during pregnancy is a perfectly healthy act. Unless you’re prone to miscarriage or preterm labor, there’s really nothing to worry about when you and your partner go at it. Your baby is cocooned in the strong muscles of your uterus and surrounded by amniotic fluid, so sex won’t have any harmful effect on him or her. If you have any questions about your particular condition, always consult with your healthcare provider.

When will you feel like it?

There’s really no telling when you’re going to feel like having sex. While there are plenty of changes happening in your body that will boost your libido, other processes are taking place that make the prospect of having sex seem downright exhausting. Estrogen and progesterone levels rise, for example, which boosts blood flow to your pelvis, increases vaginal lubrication and makes your nipples more sensitive – all of which make it easy to get turned on. But those same hormones can turn on you, making you feel nauseous and fatigued in your first trimester. When you get closer to your due date, you might even feel too big to do much of anything, let alone engage in sexual activity with your partner. Basically, whenever you feel like doing it, you should just do it, because you never know when you’ll feel like it again!

What are the best positions?

Comfort is a priority when you’re having pregnancy sex, which might not be that surprising. While missionary may be your go-to position that always used to get the job done for both you and your partner, that way isn’t exactly possible now. Here are five positions to try.

Spooning: Needless to say, lying on your side is pretty comfortable (it’s how you’ve been sleeping lately, after all), and it’s a cozy way to get intimate with your partner.

You on top: Not only is there no pressure on your belly, but in this position you have control over everything – the speed, the depth of penetration and the angle of entry. Go for it!

Edge of the bed: Lying on your back and scooting your hips to the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor gives your partner easy access. However, this does allow for deeper penetration, so tell your partner if you need him to be more gentle with his thrusts.

Policeman: While role-play isn’t necessary (but it might be fun), this position requires you to act like a criminal who’s getting frisked. Stand up against the wall with your hands and feet spread and let your partner enter from behind. If you start getting tired, use your elbows to prop yourself up.

Leap frog: This position is basically like doggy-style, but with your elbows and head resting on the mattress for support to help you hold the weight of your stomach.

What about other types of sex?

Oral sex is completely fine, just make sure your partner knows not to blow any air into your vagina, which could block a blood vessel and cause serious issues. As for anal, it’s generally not recommended, as many women experience uncomfortable hemorrhoids during pregnancy, plus infection-causing bacteria could spread from the rectum to the vagina.

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