Feeling down? 5 ways to feel your best during pregnancy


Remember that old adage, “When you look good, you feel good?” Well, it’s both an apt statement and a tall order in the first months of pregnancy. In those beginning weeks, while you and your partner guard your little secret, you’re most likely keeping your news under wraps. You don’t have to tell us how you feel, either, what with morning sickness, fatigue and an onslaught of blemishes. All that being said, we hear you – any help you can get looking and feeling your best, you’ll take. Here’s what we have to offer:

Get loose: Getting dressed in the first trimester can be a challenge. You may want to hide your growing bump but, well, there it is, getting bigger each day. Keep your belly under wraps with a-line or flowing tops and tunics. Avoid bright colors on top as well as belts, which will accentuate your rounding figure.

Balance: Life is all about balance, and your pregnancy style proves no different. Keep your look streamlined and chic by pairing a loose-fitting top with skinny jeans or leggings. Having trouble zipping your pre-pregnancy jeans? Get some longevity out of them by investing in a Bella Band, a stretchy piece of fabric worn over your unzipped jeans to keep you comfortable while your belly grows.

Focus on the little things: Maternity clothes are a bad investment. You wear them for 4-5 months of your life and then they’re entirely useless to you. Keep the maternity items you purchase simple and basic so that you can mix and match them and really get your money’s worth. Instead of wearing bold and colorful dresses, as you might pre-pregnancy, stick to neutrals such as black, cream and gray. Show your spirit through creative accessories. After all, you’ll never outgrow beautiful earrings or scarves, no matter how much baby weight you gain.

Invest in flats: There’s nothing wrong with being that stylish pregnant woman who can really rock a set of heels, but be realistic – at some point, your aching back is going to rebel. Invest in a cute pair of flats that promise to lend polish and style to any outfit. Comfortable and cute? Now that’s a duo we can get behind!

You time: The first trimester is overwhelming, to say the least. You’re most likely sifting through a world of new information about your changing body and growing baby. Stressed much? We get it. Now’s the time to slow down and take it easy on yourself. You have a whole nine months ahead of you to get this whole pregnancy thing right. For now, be sure to carve out time for yourself. Go for a long walk, cook your favorite meal or veg out in front of a good movie. Self-care is an important component of feeling your best.

Now you, how are you feeling during your pregnancy? Do you have any tips to share with other moms-to-be? Let us know in the comments below.

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