Five things to avoid when you’re picking out a baby name


After you've found out that you're pregnant and begin preparing for baby, you'll probably start to think about what name you want to give your child. Do you want to embrace something inspired by a relative? Does your religion play a factor? Is your partner dead-set on a particular option? These are all questions to ask yourself as you mull over the topic, but here are five things you should definitely avoid when you're choosing a winner.

1. Something crazy. Celebrity babies are notorious for having strange names, but do you really want your kid to stick out like a sore thumb on every school attendance list? Uniqueness is always a good thing, but if you stray too far from the ordinary, your child might regret your decision.

2. A rhyming first and last name. If you've ever seen The Wedding Singer, you know a name like Julia Guglia can be somewhat distracting. Let's face it – a rhyming name often sounds silly and could become something that your kid gets picked on for during childhood – or adult life.

3. Funny jokes. While you might think that a name like Alma Knack or Artie Choke is funny, your child won't be laughing once he or she starts going to school.

4. Super long or super short names. If your last name is considerably long, do your kid a favor and keep his or her first name short. Likewise, a short last name often sounds a lot better with a longer first name.

5. Embarrassing initials. Try to take into consideration the initials that your child would have for each name you're thinking of picking. Wouldn't you hate it if your initials were something like A.S.S.?


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