Five things you never thought to pack in your hospital bag


Now that you're getting ready for baby and your due date draws ever closer, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to put in your hospital bag. While the essentials are pretty obvious (toiletries, clothes, car seat, insurance information, birthing plan), some things might be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of packing. Here are five items you may not have thought of that can come in handy.

1. An MP3 player. To keep your mind off things and help you relax (and perhaps take a break from your partner's nervous chattering), it never hurts to have your favorite tunes on hand. Bring the charger just in case it runs out of juice.

2. Gifts for your other children. If this won't be your first child, you might want to give your older kids small gifts, telling them that it's from the baby. Young kids will appreciate the fact that they're not being left out, and the peace offering can smooth out any jealousy issues between them and their new sibling.

3. Extra underwear. The hospital provides disposable sets, but they often fit strangely. You're better off bringing a few pairs of old underwear that you don't mind getting rid of afterward, or purchasing cheap new ones instead.

4. Pads. If you'd rather not feel as though you're wearing a diaper (which may happen if you stick to the pads that hospitals provide), bring a brand that you like, as you'll definitely require them.

5. Camera and accessories. Along with your camera, you might want to pack additional memory cards, batteries or the charging cord. You'll need all the digital space and power you can get to capture the moments!


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