How to bond with baby before birth


Don’t wait until your little one arrives to start building your mother-baby bond. Take time now, while it’s just the two of you, to make sure your son or daughter feels all the love you have to give.

Say hello

Your baby’s hearing develops during the 17th week of pregnancy, meaning he or she can hear your voice well before birth. Take time away from setting up the nursery or building your registry to have a conversation with your little one. The further you are in your pregnancy, the more likely it is your baby will respond with a kick or wiggle!

Try meditation

This one may sound silly, but meditating and practicing mindfulness will not only keep you calmer, but will also encourage you live in the moment. Being present ensures you’ll make the most of your pregnancy and enjoy every change and movement your baby makes.

Build community

It takes a village, right? Build connections with other pregnant women who you can rely on for encouragement and support. Talking with others who share your experiences and fears can be an amazing stress reliever. The more relaxed and happy you are, the better for your son or daughter. When you’re feeling happy and calm, you’ll be more attuned to what your little one is up to inside the womb.

Record it

The first months of motherhood have a special way of keeping you so overwhelmed with wonder, joy and exhaustion that you forget all else. Ensure you always remember this special time you and your baby share by keeping a pregnancy journal. Jot down any big milestones you’ve loved hitting, stow away ultrasound photos and be sure to include what you’re feeling as the big day approaches.

How are you making the most of these special moments before your baby is born? Are you doing anything to build a bond before he or she arrives? Tell us all about your plans in the comments below!

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