How to keep your pregnancy secret


couple with sonogramYou felt as sick as a dog. You smelled the leftovers your husband was heating up in the microwave from the living room. Your boobs were aching.

You thought you could be pregnant and – surprise, surprise – you were right.

Congrats! But how does one go about remaining mum on such special news? While the basic rule of thumb is to wait 12 weeks, sometimes keeping your lips sealed is easier said than done (especially if you’re vomiting throughout half the day). Here are some tips for women who don’t want to let the cat out of the bag.

1. Insist that you’re dieting and drinking only adds empty calories. If you’re not usually one to pass on a fine glass of wine, you should realize your sudden sobriety will get your friends thinking.

2. Tell people you’ve got the flu. Sure, it may last weeks and weeks, but your pukey appearance will need an explanation. Maintaining it’s a stomach bug will deflect attention from the bun in your oven.

3. Keep your emotions in check. Pregnancy forces our hormones to get wacky, which often leads to waterworks. Don’t cry over spilt milk until you’re ready to tell the world you’re making your own.

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