How to plan a baby shower


Ask most expectant moms and they’ll agree – apart from the joy of welcoming a new little boy or girl into the world, baby showers are the best part about being pregnant.

And honestly, what’s not to love? From presents to games to scrumptious party treats, baby showers may ostensibly be about stockpiling must-have items before the baby arrives, but they’re actually an opportunity to celebrate women who are expecting and the tremendous job they’ve done so far!

If you have a close friend or relative who is expecting and you’re lucky enough to be hosting the shindig, consider these great tips for planning a shower, which will guarantee that your baby bash is a real blast.

Finding a date
Traditionally, baby showers are hosted about one to two months before the unborn baby is expected to arrive. This is ideal for a few reasons – first of all, it gives expectant moms the opportunity to relish the party without worrying about an impending due date.

Secondly, it provides women with enough time to return duplicate items or, if the presents are gender-specific, exchange them in the event that the baby’s sex is discovered. Having a few months to set up a nursery with items picked up at a shower can also be beneficial for moms and dads as they prepare for baby.

Selecting a venue
Are you going for an intimate gathering or something larger to accommodate a number of people? From restaurants to cozy, at-home affairs, baby showers are held in a variety of places. If you haven’t set up the guest list, it’s important to conceptualize how grand you think the shower will be, which will help you determine what venues are the best fit for your party’s need.

Set a theme
Whether your loved one knows the gender of the baby or has an idea in mind for the nursery, one of the most exhilarating aspects of planning a baby shower is picking a theme. If you’re having the party at your home or another familiar dwelling, you can likely let your imagination run wild with what theme to set for the mom-to-be. If she’s planning the shower alongside you, it can be a great point to collaborate on.

Picking out the guest list
When it comes to planning, one of the biggest challenges that you’ll likely face is putting together the guest list, especially if you’re throwing a surprise shower. While it can definitely vary based on your loved one’s preference, it’s a good idea to invite a range of people from the expectant mom’s life. From close friends to relatives to co-workers, a baby shower can be an enjoyable event for all. Those with children can even bring their little ones along for the festivities, which are sure to be a real treat.

Sibling showers: Is less more?
Women who are expecting their firstborn have an infectious enthusiasm that can make a baby shower particularly exciting. While later pregnancies can be equally fun, most often sibling showers are smaller and more intimate than one thrown for a couple’s first child. This is because most people who are invited will assume that the mom-to-be has all the baby and pregnancy products she’ll need due to her previous pregnancies. From a planning perspective, this can give you the opportunity to put together a nice affair with only close friends and immediate family involved.

While there’s plenty of work that goes into a shower, with these helpful tips you can get off to a great start and ensure that your loved one has everything she’ll need to welcome her baby when the time comes!


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