How to plan a babymoon on the cheap


Before you embark on your new adventure as parents, pack a bag for a trip of a more literal nature. Schedule time away for just you and your partner to reconnect and recharge before baby arrives. With all the planning you two have been doing, you deserve a moment to step back and focus on one another. But if booking a flight and scheduling a babymoon sends your heart aflutter about your finances, never fear. We’ve compiled some tips for planning time away on the cheap.

When to travel

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant women travel in the second trimester from 14 to 28 weeks. At this point, you should be well past the days of morning sickness and your energy should be on the rise, leaving you to enjoy your vacation. Please note that ACOG advises expectant mothers to keep on hand a copy of their medical records and to predetermine the nearest hospital before traveling.

Cost-cutting tips

  • If the timing is right, do your best to travel during off-peak seasons. Traveling to a warm locale during summertime will not only save you from rubbing elbows with hordes of tourists – but you’ll save a bundle too.
  • Do your research and scope out the large cities or tiny towns surrounding your home. Hitting the open road with your love can be every bit as romantic as traveling to the other side of the globe. Rent a cabin in the forest or book a fancy hotel in a neighboring city. Play adventurer for the weekend and explore your new surroundings together.
  • Plan a staycation to save dough, booking a hotel room right in your own city. You’ll be forced to take a break from setting up the nursery, instead turning your attention to your partner. Spend a few days swimming in the hotel pool and reveling in that weightless feeling. Book an afternoon at the spa – or just stroll around the city streets talking with your partner or spouse.
  • Wherever you decide to travel, keep in mind that eating out at restaurants will only add to your trip’s cost. Upon arrival, visit the grocery store to stock up on essentials. Even if you have a hotel room without a kitchen, storing a box of cereal, some fruit, peanut butter and milk should be no problem at all. Eat simple meals for breakfast and lunch, enjoying a more elaborate dinner out on the town.

Have you given thought to a babymoon yet? In an ideal world, where would you and your partner travel before your son or daughter arrives? Start a discussion below!

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