Is your partner competing for attention with your child?


If you and your partner have recently welcomed your first child into the world, you're likely overcome by a range of emotions, but most of all, by your excitement over having a little guy or gal in your life at last.

For a first time mother, getting to experience the challenges and rewards of parenthood may absorb most of your time, especially early in your child's life. Many couples who are already feeling stressed due to the birth of a baby may experience even greater issues together as the baby takes over even more of the time that you spend together.

Missing out on quality or intimate time with your partner because you've just welcomed a baby into the world can be difficult, but with a few of these tips, you can help ensure that your partner still understands how important he or she is to you after the birth of the baby.

Does your partner feel jealous?
Women struggle after pregnancy to find that ideal balance between being caring mothers and ambitious careerists – often, a romantic relationship can seem like less of a priority as the focus shifts to taking care of a baby and maintaining a career.

For a partner, this can be frustrating to endure and a challenge, especially if the relationship was incredibly close before pregnancy. How can a mother tell if a partner is feeling jealous? If this individual begins making remarks about the level of attention devoted to a baby, or gets frustrated when a woman shows more consideration for the little one than for his or her feelings, this can be a sign of jealousy.

Showing how much you care
It's easy to feel conflicted about your partner if you notice that he or she is getting jealous or competitive around the baby. After all, you may feel that your baby deserves to take up all of your time, and your partner's too.

While it's true that your baby should be the focus of your attentions whenever possible, it's still essential to make your loved one feel like he or she is important in your eyes. To preserve a healthy relationship and give your partner the feeling of love and support that he or she deserves, focus on things you can do together, even in the comfort of your house.

From making an intimate dinner together after the baby is down for a nap, to carving aside some special time together for you and your partner to share a cup of tea or coffee and talk about your day, you can continue to invest in your marriage or partnership and keep it growing strong.


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