Make the most of your pregnancy with sexy maternity dresses


For some women, pregnancy is all about new born preparation – for others, the experience of carrying a little one and the changes it creates in the body are exhilarating. In fact, they’re so exciting that many ladies boast that they’ve never felt sexier than when they were expecting!

If you’ve relished the transformation that your body has undergone during your pregnancy and you’re looking for opportunities to show off your burgeoning baby bump wherever you go, you should consider adding sexy maternity dresses to your wardrobe.

Unsure what constitutes sultry maternity wear, or just plain confused about where to start? Consider these helpful benefits to learn more about how this type of clothing can work for you throughout each trimester.

Accentuate your curves
Whether you’re 16 weeks along or a few days away from your due date, showing off your bump is one of the best ways to truly enjoy the experience of being pregnant.

When you’re selecting sexy and stylish maternity clothes, it’s important to look for attire that still feels comfortable. If you enjoy showing off skin, this can be incorporated into your apparel choices. However, just because you’re trying to flaunt your curves doesn’t mean you need to bare more flesh than you’re comfortable with. Try aiming for clothing that accentuates your belly and other changing parts of your body – this can help you feel even more feminine than you do already!

Take cues from the stars
In addition to looking for clothing that complements your growing bump, you can gain inspiration straight from Hollywood by considering the fashion choices of some of the entertainment industry’s brightest stars.

For instance, model and television personality Kim Kardashian has made headlines since announcing her pregnancy in December 2012 with rapper Kanye West, but not just because of her baby news. Kardashian, who is also known for her cutting-edge sense of style, has shown off a variety of daring and ultra-sexy duds since going public with her pregnancy.

From an evening dress made of net material that she wore on New Year’s Eve to a recent appearance in Canada where she arrived in a sheer top, this fearless star is reinventing what it means to be sexy during pregnancy!


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