Malaysian woman competes in Olympics while 8 months pregnant


The thought of exercise while pregnant is daunting for many women, especially during the final trimester when just walking up and down the stairs with a big baby bump becomes a workout. So can you imagine competing in the Olympic Games with an almost full-grown baby in your belly? It seems like a crazy idea, but Malaysian air rifle shooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi already did it.

According to Fox Sports, the women's air rifle event was the first medal opportunity in the 2012 London Summer Olympics, where 59 women lined up in an indoor arena to shoot at a tiny target that was 10 meters away. To do well, it takes a combination of physical and mental stability, which luckily Mohamed Taibi had.

The 29-year-old made her way to her first Olympic games despite being 34 weeks along in her pregnancy. While her husband was completely supportive of her decision, the UK's ITN News reports that her family was a little hesitant about the idea, worrying that she would give birth in Britain despite her September due date.

"I'm just like the other people," the shooter said after the event ended. "I have a big stomach is all. Just think that we are like normal people, not pregnant women."

However, there were special considerations that had to be taken for the event, according to Fox Sports. Her uniform, for one, had to be altered to make room for her burgeoning belly, and since the sport depends on perfect balance, she had to try to calm her baby down to prevent her from kicking, which could have thrown off her aim.

"I say, 'OK, calm, be calm, mommy's going to shoot,'" Mohamed Taibi said following the competition. "Luckily, she stops then."

Although the athlete didn't make the medal stand (she finished in 34th place, higher than her world ranking of 47th), her husband and her family were all proud of her, and she was definitely proud of herself.

Mohamad Taibi's situation is worth using to motivate yourself to get out there and exercise during a pregnancy. If a woman who was eight months pregnant can go out and fulfill her dreams of being an Olympic athlete, you can certainly get out there and pursue your fitness goals. Just check with your doctor beforehand to make sure the activities you're planning are safe.


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