Moms you’ll meet in the maternity ward and beyond


No matter where you go, you’ll always run into “that” mom. The one who’s over-protective, annoying or downright strange. But you’ll also meet moms that are funny, outgoing and more than happy to lend you advice when you ask for it.

Moms you’ll love, and those you’ll want to avoid
When you’re in the maternity ward and even after you leave, there are several kinds of moms that you’ll get to meet:

  • The perfect mom: This is the woman that you don’t believe exists until you see her and don’t know how she does it all. She has it together, even in labor, and always seems to have a smile on her face and not a care in the world. This is also the type of mom that tends to tell you what you’re doing wrong, even if she says it with the best of intentions.
  • The know-it-all mom: She thinks she’s done all the research and knows exactly what she wants before she even gets to the delivery room. This woman doesn’t want her child taken to be washed off immediately but would rather go straight to breastfeeding and worry about the vitamin K shot at a later time, despite hospital staff advising her otherwise. She’s also a bit of a control freak.
  • The “I’ve done this before” mom: When you visit the maternity ward and see other soon-to-be moms, you know they’re just as scared as you are. However, there’s usually a woman in there who’s already done this and wants the world to know it. She’s up moving around as much as possible and informs the staff of her expertise.
  • The drama momma: You’ll know her when you meet her. She wears her feelings on her face and when it comes time to push, you won’t soon forget she’s in the same maternity ward as you. She’s often got a low pain tolerance and begins shouting for an epidural as soon as the fun begins.
  • The nonchalant mom: Just like there’s a mom that’s full of drama, there’s also the one that isn’t quite sure what all the fuss is about. She’s managed to gain what seems like no weight and doesn’t have a swollen limb on her body. You can’t even tell she’s in labor because it took two pushes to get her little bundle of joy out and you couldn’t hear a moan or scream.
  • The pessimistic mom: No matter how amazing she seems, the mom who can only see the glass as half empty isn’t one you want to spend time around. She doesn’t want her child venturing out of her comfort zone and always looks like she’s walking on eggshells. Rather than focus on enjoying the time with her youngster, she’d rather worry about the things she can’t control.
  • The mean mom: Unfortunately these moms are real. They like to compare their child’s development with yours and will more than likely remind you any chance they can get that your little one isn’t at the same level as theirs. When you meet her, avoid her, because that’s exactly the kind of negativity you don’t want in your life.
  • The insensitive mom: Just like the mean momma, there’s the one who doesn’t really think before she opens her mouth. Instead of considering others’ feelings before she responds to a conversation, what comes out is what comes out.
  • The toxic mom: This kind of mom is the one that always has something to complain about – whether it’s her husband, her job or her child – it seems that nothing can make her happy. These women tend to make you feel stressed or even depressed when you’re around them, so try to stay away at all costs.
  • The judgmental mom: When you meet this mom, you’ll want to immediately run the other way. She loves getting into debates about topics such as breastfeeding and developmental milestones. It’s not that she wants to talk about these things as much as she wants to turn up the heat when you’re doing something as relaxing as playing at the park or playground.

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