Natural pregnancy tips: Are you having too much sex?


For some couples, getting pregnant can boil down to one thing and one thing only: How much time gets spent in the bedroom.

Between the sheets or outside of them, many couples who are eager to bring a little boy or girl into the world will spend their days thinking about exactly what they can do to improve their chances at conception. Since practice makes perfect, some may think their best shot at getting pregnant involves having sex whenever possible. However, according to some, too much time in bed may actually reduce your likelihood of conceiving.

People who are concerned that too much sex can have a negative impact on conception may be of the mindset that women can only get pregnant during certain periods of the month – specifically when they’re ovulating. By holding off on sex until these times, couples may believe that they’re preserving sperm’s potency.

While some couples may be concerned about syncing up their bedroom romps with an ovulation calendar, the fact is, trying to find the best days to get pregnant can be distracting and may even be a source of stress, which can have a negative impact on relationships and the chances for conceiving!

“I tell my patients to have regular intercourse, meaning [two to three] times a week generally starting after your period stops,” David Knight, M.D., told KidSpot. “Specifically I encourage couples not to monitor ovulation or use temperature graphs.”

Regardless of whether you have sex every day or just sporadically, it’s important to be connected to your partner. One of the most essential natural pregnancy tips is the idea that getting pregnant is about more than just embracing the notion of parenthood – it’s about bringing your relationship to a more intimate level.

By taking a relaxed approach to conceiving and focusing on your partner’s wants and needs, you can continue to enjoy a deeply satisfying love relationship. The strength of your marriage or partnership can have important implications for your baby, ensuring that he or she is raised against a backdrop of love and support.


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