Pounding the pavement during your pregnancy


Every dedicated runner knows what it means to crave the feeling of a morning or post-work jog. Once the addiction to lacing up those sneaks and hitting the open road develops, it’s often difficult to let it go.

But what happens when you see the plus sign on the pregnancy test? Women want the best for their babies, and many will feel inclined to sit idle and inactive until their newborns are in their arms.

Good news for fitness fanatics – doctors maintain that if you took part in a regular workout regimen before conceiving, it’s likely you can continue doing so. However, physicians advice moms-to-be to check with their OBGYN to be given the all-clear, as high-risk pregnancies need to be monitored closely.

Of course, as with everything during these special nine months, don’t go overboard. Still, feel free to throw on those running shoes and get moving – just make sure to leave those hills until you’re pushing a jogger stroller and your little one is cooing from inside.

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