Protect your little ones from harsh UV rays

Summer is right around the corner, which means several exciting things are fast-approaching – days spent at the beach, lots of outdoor walks and group trips to the park are just a few of the many activities that moms can enjoy with their little ones.

Of course, women expecting should remember that once their newborn is old enough for outside playtime, they should take extra steps to ensure he or she is protected from the sun. Babies are extremely sensitive to the harsh UV rays and it’s vital to make sure they are fully prepared.

Believe it or not, infants can wear sunglasses! Items such as BabyBanz are great for children of all ages and are sure to elicit oohs and ahhs from passersby.

Additionally, parents may want to look into mini visors, especially when their tot is poolside. These are extremely important when you’re unable to secure a spot in the shade.

Finally, for days at the beach, a rash guard may be your best option. Scores of baby apparel manufactures make these trendy little outfits, which offer ultimate UPF protection. Use all three of these pieces and you’re little one is bound to be the trendiest tot on the block.

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