The best maternity clothes from Kate Middleton’s royal closet


Can first time mother Kate Middleton do no wrong? Her maternity clothes certainly didn't disappoint – the Duchess' outfits were as fantastic as ever, and perfectly suited her bump. Moms-to-be can draw some inspiration from Kate's wardrobe, even if their public appearances are less, well, publicized. 

Pre-baby style
What was perhaps most striking about the lovely Kate's maternity wardrobe is that it wasn't a far cry from her outfit rotation pre-George. She incorporated non-maternity clothes into the mix on a regular basis, and in some cases, it was hard to tell she was pregnant on first look. Let your own style shine through as your bump grows – whether or not it takes after traditional maternity style. 

Kate's pregnancy style had an advantage – her clothes weren't particularly fussy to begin with. Her ultimate outfit formula for public appearances included a fresh frock under a cozy but proper jacket, and that translated well as she began to show. However, rather than adhering to her traditional straight up-and-down silhouette, the Duchess of Cambridge gravitated toward dresses that pulled in right above her belly. Just by altering this small detail, Kate was able to accommodate George as he grew. 

Dresses as a whole are great for maternity wear, as they usually negate the need to expand the waistband. That, and there's nothing more comfortable than a jersey maternity dress. 

The Duchess frequently used patterns to distract from her growing bump throughout her pregnancy. Between tweed, plaid, polka dots and florals, Kate's outfits were sometimes a flurry of movement that drew eyes away from her belly. Take a tip from the English royal and look for cute maternity dresses that play with patterns.

The third trimester may be the appropriate moment to ditch the stilettoes, to put it lightly. We were impressed that Kate kept wearing her modest pumps right up to her final appearance. Truthfully, she could have gotten away with trading her cute heels for pointy-toed flats, as could anyone in search of a little more comfort. 

That said, many of Kate's best accessories worn while pregnant were in the name of comfort, namely scarves and hats. Top any outfit with a soft scarf and it becomes instantly more polished and cozy. Add a chic hat and even leggings can look avant garde. 

How do you personalize your maternity style?


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