The gentler way to maintain your bikini line during pregnancy


That bump makes it hard to see—never mind maintain—your bikini line! Our experts share smart advice for keeping tidy (if that’s your thing)

Maybe you’re one of those moms-to-be who couldn’t care less when it comes to your bikini line—especially once you can’t see it anymore. But for some, personal grooming in that area is essential, whether it’s date night or delivery day. Yes, medical professionals have seen it all—and no, there’s no requirement to trim for childbirth. But if maintaining your bikini line during pregnancy is important to you, here’s how to do it safely and comfortably.

Except that hair removal can be tough even when you’re not pregnant. Factor in that hard-to-balance belly, and shaving becomes downright dangerous. Chemical depilatories are out, of course—they smell terrible, and who knows what’s in them? Fortunately, you can see a professional to get the job done. But salon waxing is sometimes rough for moms-to-be whose skin isn’t used to it. According to experts at the New York City salon Shobha, more blood flows through the pubic area during pregnancy, heightening sensitivity.

Enter sugaring, a gentler way to remove hair at the root. Made of natural ingredients, this sticky method pulls on the skin less than wax. Many spas and salons use it; but if you can’t find a location near you, pick up Shobha’s home sugaring kit and DIY.

A few tips from Shobha: Check with your doctor in advance, then do a patch test with the product to check for reactions (a salon should provide this for no charge). Start with clean, lotion-free skin and hair that’s at least 1⁄4-inch long, but no more than 1 inch. Sit slightly upright for comfort and safety, rather than lying down, and hold the skin below your belly taut to ease removal.

At home, use the buddy system: It should prove to be productive and entertaining. After two days, exfoliate daily with a cloth or a gentle sugar scrub to prevent ingrown hairs.


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