The top 10 pregnancy blogs for expectant moms


Whether you’re a first time mother or you’re just in search of resources for single mothers, blogs can be invaluable resources that help you gain important perspective into what it takes to become the kind of parent you want to be.

And while each trimester of your pregnancy is filled with the joy of new discoveries – from the sex of your baby to the burgeoning of your cute little bump – you’ll want to make sure you’re using this time to your advantage.

Researching all of the different things that can happen while you’re waiting for the stork to arrive with your little bundle of joy will make you all the more prepared to handle any challenges that emerge along the way.

Consider our top 10 list of the best pregnancy blogs to get started on the most exciting journey of your life – your experience as a mom!

1. Unexpectedly Expecting
This heartwarming blog follows the experiences of Mandy and Nathan, a young couple who met in the seventh grade and continued a friendship for years that later blossomed into a romance! This happy pair, who married in 2008, got the news of a lifetime when they were blessed with not one but two babies to love.

2. The 818
Maintained by Morgan Shanahan, a Los Angeles-based mom, professional blogger and screenwriter, the tender and illuminating writing on this site can be informative for moms-to-be in a major way.

3. Stand and Deliver
Are you looking for tips on breastfeeding, natural childbirth or birthing plans in general? This blog can help clear away some of the points of confusion that you may have regarding how to plan your delivery and also offer compelling facts about childbirth internationally.

4. Baby Dickey
What doesn’t a mom of two growing youngsters know? In Baby Dickey, the author – herself the parent of a couple toddlers – provides a wealth of information and shares her personal experiences, which include a home birth with her daughter and a c-section with her son.

5. The Stir: Pregnancy
Now that you’re a mommy, you’re really in the thick of things. Give yourself a good stir with this pregnancy blog, which is filled with a mix of celeb gossip (our favorite) and adorable, humor-laden stories. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, The Stir: Pregnancy is the place to be!

6. Lay Baby Lay
Your little guy or gal will need lots of TLC when he or she arrives, but before that time comes, you need to make sure your nest is ready to greet him or her in style. While there are plenty of blogs that offer home renovation tips, with Lay Baby Lay, you can gain great inspiration for your baby’s nursery.

7. Project Nursery
And, while you’re at, don’t forget to shop around for ideas! You can ditch the pink and blue and find a wealth of ideas for what hues to paint your little one’s nursery walls at Project Nursery. This clever site can help you tap into your creative side, even as your baby taps a bit too often on the walls of your belly.

8. Appellation Mountain
Naming a baby is the best – and okay, worst – part about a pregnancy. Chances are, you’ve had names like Aurora, Ruby and Aiden picked out since you were a girl in grade school. Now that you’re finally expecting, it’s time to pick the best one, right? Wrong. It’s likely your partner will want some major say in the baby naming process. If neither of you can agree, Appellation Mountain can be a terrific resource.

9. My Green and Natural Pregnancy
For some moms, steering clear of chemicals and other pollutants is not just important – it can have a transformative effect on the way a woman handles each trimester! For tips on green living, visit My Green and Natural Pregnancy.

10. Homemade Mommy
From delicious treats to simple at-home recipes that will make you feel warm on the inside, Homemade Mommy offers ways to make delicious meals from the comfort of your very own kitchen.


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