Three reasons you’re more attractive than ever during a pregnancy


Bearing children is truly one of those miracles of life. As your figure begins to change during pregnancy, take this as an opportunity to enjoy your new shape. Some women start to feel self-conscious as their bodies change, but there are several perks to pregnancy. The hormone changes taking place to support the baby can result in a few beauty boosts as well. You can look forward to the following attractive features of pregnancy.

1. Clear complexion.

The beloved glow of pregnancy can brighten and even out your skin tone, giving you a naturally luminous look. In order to provide nutrients to your unborn baby, your body produces more blood during gestation. The increased blood flow beneath the skin gives it a radiant hue. Skin will also start to secrete more oil, giving it a glossy sheen.

2. Thick, shiny hair.

You may start losing fewer hairs thanks to pregnancy hormone changes, leaving you with fuller locks. Increased levels of estrogen cause hair to remain in the growing stage longer, extending the span of time before strands are ready to fall out. Sometimes texture, oiliness and dryness will also change, but things normally revert back to normal after delivery.

3. An extra cup size (or two).

While you’re getting ready for your baby, your body is too. Your breasts will begin to increase in size as they start producing milk. Most women go up in cup sizes, so prepare to buy some new bras and enjoy the voluptuous curves that are on the way.

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