Tips for taking the most flattering baby bump photos


You don’t necessarily have to be basking in a radiant pregnancy glow to take great pictures of your baby bump. While clear skin, thick hair and a pregnancy flush can definitely help boost your sexiness in Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat photos that you share with family and friends, it’s still possible to look amazing while showing off your bump even if you’re not feeling so glowy. Regardless of the state of your skin and hair, here are some tips for taking flattering pregnancy pics over the next nine months.

Don’t wait too long
To capture the best representation of your pregnancy, you’ll want to wait to take baby bump pictures until your belly is big – but definitely not too big. While it might be fun to take a picture every month or so, if you’re not planning on making some kind of time-lapse project, wait until you’re around 30 weeks pregnant. This is when your belly will be noticeably round, but it won’t be super heavy or make posing difficult. Water retention and stretch marks can show up later down the line, which might reduce your confidence, too.

Avoid the flash
Take the flash off of your camera when you’re taking baby bump photos. The overwhelming light can make your skin look shiny (especially if pregnancy has made your complexion oilier), wash out your complexion and make your face and belly look flat, which isn’t pretty. Instead, take a picture in bright but indirect natural light outside or by a window indoors. This can help reinforce that glow.

Pay attention to the backdrop
Make your pregnancy photos really special by making sure that your setup looks professional – even if you’re just by yourself. Clean up your surroundings and clear it of clutter that might distract viewers from your bump. This might be toiletries in your bathroom, counter clutter in the kitchen or TV remotes in the living room. The most professional-looking pictures don’t distract viewers from the subject they’re supposed to be focusing on.

Choose your clothes carefully
While you might be tempted to throw on that cozy sweatshirt you’ve been relying on for the past few months, the best maternity clothes for the job will show off your bump. A tight, stretchy wrap dress is one chic option that never fails, as is a plain, simple T-shirt with a flattering V-neck to show off your new (bigger) assets. If you’d rather do a tasteful picture with your belly bare, a large scarf or jersey knit can help you cover up while still letting your belly show.

Ask for help
You’re probably not going to hire a professional photographer for Instagram pics, but you can definitely ask someone you know to help you take the most flattering shots. That way, they’ll be a little more special than your average bathroom-mirror selfie. Have your partner or a close friend take them for you, as this person can help you feel comfortable and might even make it more fun. Talk with whoever it is to figure out what you want.

Censor yourself
Pregnancy is certainly one of the most exciting times in your life, so it makes sense that you’d want to share every little detail of it in photo form with your followers and friends on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook – but don’t. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and you don’t want your friends to start feeling like they’re seeing a little too much of your pregnant belly. Sure, they’ll be thrilled to see an update every now and then, but refrain from posting too many pictures within a too-short timeframe.


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