Top 10 must-have pregnancy clothes


When your baby bump starts expanding, you might begin panicking about your wardrobe. Your go-to jeans no longer fit, your favorite top looks downright silly and your boobs are spilling over the cups of your bras. Not to worry – there are plenty of pregnancy clothes options that will keep you stylish and comfortable during your pregnancy. Here are 10 must-have items.

1. Bump band. These soft, wide fabric bands are a real lifesaver for women who are struggling to fit into pants, whether they’re too small or too large. You can wear your pants (any type) unbuttoned and unzipped underneath the band, opening up your clothing choices. It also helps hold up maternity pants that are still too loose or keep your pants from sliding down too far underneath your belly. A band can even help support your lower back!

2. Maternity bras. You’ll have to keep your old bras in your lingerie drawer for now, but maternity bras can be just as sexy. Arrange a fitting with a professional to ensure that you choose styles that fit just right. You might want to steer clear of underwire bras, which can become uncomfortable above a growing bump.

3. Wrapped tops. Whether it’s a sweater, tunic or blouse, a wrapped detail can make it easy to adjust the fit to your burgeoning belly. They feature adjustable ties that can be cinched or loosened depending on your size. The slim-fitting top portion is flattering to your figure and the bottom won’t feel restrictive.

4. Underwear. Some of your favorite pairs of underwear might not fit during a pregnancy, so you may need to stock up on maternity underwear. They come in a variety of styles, from boy shorts to thongs to bikinis. Try to stick with options that are 100-percent cotton, as this material is more breathable and can help prevent vaginal infections. Also, be aware that extra discharge may mean you’ll have to change your underwear more often.

5. Yoga pants. There’s really nothing more comfortable than a pair of yoga pants, and the bonus is that they’re fitted, so you can show off your figure. Many brands make their pants with waistbands that fold over, which means you’ll have plenty of room for your bump.

6. A little black dress. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you won’t need sexy attire when attending fancy events. Whether it’s a date with your partner or your best friend’s wedding, an LBD is always a chic, dependable choice. Look for details like an empire waist or ruching, which are both flattering for pregnant tummies.

7. Skirts and dresses. Dresses and skirts can both be extremely comfortable, and they’re breezy in the summer when you might feel sweltering. As an added bonus, the right styles can also make you feel pretty when you’re less-than-confident about your body. Wrap dresses, empire waists and maxi dresses are all good options.

8. Cardigans. Layering is often essential, as you never know when you’ll be feeling hot or cold. Also, these garments can add a tailored look to outfits that are otherwise loose. If you don’t want to tie or button them over your bump, buy your regular size so you can add them to your permanent wardrobe.

9. Flats. There’s no reason why you can’t wear heels, but during your pregnancy you’ll likely appreciate the comfort of flat shoes. There are a variety of chic styles, from ballet flats to sandals to sneakers, that won’t kill your feet.

10. Accessories. You may already have some accessories in your wardrobe, but since you’re shopping, you might as well pick up a few more! Scarves, jewelry, hair accessories and belts can all add flair to your ensembles and make you feel good about how you look.

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