What are the best sex positions during pregnancy?


Depending on which trimester you’re in, you’re either really excited about the prospect of sex or it’s pretty much the last thing on your mind. You might be a little too preoccupied with nausea and fatigue during the first trimester to care much about what your partner or your body wants, but in the second trimester, you’re probably raring to go. The third trimester could go either way—at the beginning, sex seems doable, but once you’re ready to pop, it’s not exactly enticing.

So when you are ready and willing to have sex, how should you do it? Your go-to positions might not be as comfortable or pleasurable with a baby bump in the way and several other pregnancy symptoms to deal with. In that case, it’s time to read up on a few pregnancy-approved positions. Who knows? You might just find a new favorite!


Let’s face it—toward the beginning, pregnancy doesn’t exactly leave you with much energy. Your body’s busy preparing itself to carry your unborn child, leaving you exhausted by the end of the day. That’s why spooning is such a great option—you don’t really have to do anything! Just lie on your side in front of your partner and have him enter from behind. This not only lets you be a little lazy, but it doesn’t allow deep penetration, which could feel uncomfortable now that your cervix is more sensitive.

On a chair

Another one that lets you lounge a bit, this position requires a sturdy, comfortable chair that’s not too high off the ground. Sit in the chair and have your partner kneel in front of you and enter that way. It works best if he’s thrusting slightly upward instead of straight on toward your belly. Another variation is to have your guy sit in the chair and then sit on his lap, facing away from him.

Edge of the bed

This one’s like good-old missionary except it keeps your man’s weight off of you. Just lie on your back with your legs bent and your feet resting on the edge of the bed and have him stand in front of you.

You on top

This is a good one because it gives you full control. It also takes your baby bump out of the equation. Just have him lie on the bed and straddle him, then choose your ideal speed and depth of penetration. Another option is to do the reverse position, where you’re facing away from your partner’s face.


You may not have ever been frisked by the police, but you’ve probably seen how it’s done. Stand against the wall with your arms supporting your weight and your feet spread apart, then have your man come up behind you. If your arms start to get tired, use your elbows to support your weight.

Leap frog

Similar to doggy-style, this position has you rest your arms and head on the mattress while your partner enters you from behind. It offers more support so you can hold the extra weight of your baby bump. If you’ve ever done yoga, it’s akin to child’s pose.

On a couch

If you’re looking for excitement outside of the bedroom, take it to the living room! Kneel on your couch, facing the back of it, then have your guy enter from behind. Use your arms to support yourself on the back of the couch. The cushions will provide plenty of comfortable support, so your knees shouldn’t start to hurt.


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