What items should you include in an emergency kit for your baby?


Emergencies can strike at any time, but when they do, they can jeopardize the health of both you and your baby. Whether you're a first time mother or you're just in search of single mother advice, getting a few tips on how to prepare for natural disasters including fires, earthquakes or tornadoes can benefit you immensely in a number of ways.

Consider this list of helpful items if you're planning to create an emergency kit. Kits can provide you with a critical layer of support during times of duress and ensure that you have the resources you'll need to take care of your baby to the best of your abilities, even as you struggle in the aftermath of emergencies.

If you don't breastfeed, you should definitely make the effort to set aside formula that your baby commonly drinks. You have no way of determining how long an incident will negatively impact your family, so putting aside plenty of powdered formula and spare bottles can be ideal.

Extra clothes
Depending on the severity of the incident that you encounter, you may benefit from stashing a few extra sweaters, pants, socks and other garments in your emergency preparedness kit. Doing so can ensure not only that your loved ones are able to be warm and secure, but also that they may have the option of changing into clean clothes. If you have to leave your home at any point during the emergency, this can make an important difference. This also includes cloth diapers.

Emergency contact information
Many families opt to designate an emergency contact outside of their communities in the event that they become separated. What purpose does this solve, you may wonder? With people in your life whom you have the contact information of, you can find a safe refuge in the wake of disasters, and if your loved ones become lost or alone, they can reach out to this person. While you and your baby are unlikely to become separated in the emergency, overall, an emergency contact can better facilitate the reunification process with the rest of your loved ones. 

The benefits of kits
You may not live in an area that you feel is impacted frequently by hardships, but you can never estimate when a large-scale disaster will arise. As a result of lack of preparation, people can become stranded, stuck or in other ways negatively impaired by the outbreak of a major event.

However, by taking the time to set aside first aid materials, in addition to diapers, clothes, formula and emergency contact information, you can gain peace of mind and feel confident that you'll have everything you need in the event of a major incident.


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