Work and motherhood – there’s no easy equation

If you're a mother who works fulltime, it's likely you may have heard the following: "How do you do it?" Balancing a career and trying to be supermom often leads people to be in awe of a career woman's skills.

For those who are currently expecting and in search of the secret to juggling these two ideals, we have some bad news – there is no secret. Sure, the CEO of your company with three kids at home may look like she's smooth sailing during the work day, but it's likely she's crying into a tub of ice cream and wiping poop off her high heels behind closed doors.

Of course, just because a woman wants a career doesn't mean she doesn't have a right to be a mother, and women who want a houseful of kids should never be denied the chance to be a boss in charge. Like all areas in life, having both requires patience, acceptance and determination.

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