7 tips for recovery from a C-Section


I recently wrote about my unplanned C-section recently on here, and today I wanted to share a few tips on how I had a good recovery from the surgery. Remember – your body is recovering from major surgery, as well as adjusting to caring for a newborn, so have realistic expectations! It will take a week or two to feel some semblance of normalcy.

1. Stay on top of your meds

For me, it was most important that I took the pain medications that were prescribed to me as routinely as possible. In my hospital, I had to request the medicines each time I was due for one- my nurse didn’t come in to offer them to me. I was on a 4 hour and 6 hour schedule, depending on the medication. I found the easiest way to stay on this was to set an alarm in my phone.

Oh, and if you are offered a stool softener like Colace, you should strongly consider taking it. It made my life much easier.

2. Get up and move as soon as you feel able

There’s a strong chance you’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. It’s a little brutal. But it’s important to get out of bed and walk the hall or take a shower as soon as you feel ready. My nurses encouraged me to move as often as I could- and I definitely think it helped me feel better sooner.

3. Eat

For a certain period of time, probably about 12-24 hours after your surgery is complete, you will not be permitted to eat. But once you are able to, make sure you get some food in your system! If you can’t stomach the hospital food, ask a visitor to bring you something you prefer (if your hospital allows outside food). But you’ll need your strength and energy- so make sure you eat three solid meals.

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