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Hip Shake fitness online dance classes achieve their vision to allow women to, literally, dance like no one’s watching and build a supportive community of people who love dance workouts and want to access them on their own time. This is a great option for new moms who want to get active, but don’t have a stable schedule to get out of the house for classes.

I tried the site out for a week and found it to be easy to follow and very relatable. The moves were really fun and the instructors were easy to understand and follow. You don’t need to be one of Beyonce’s back-up dancers to follow these moves. I danced from the age of 4 through 20 and so while I have experience, I’m about 20 years out of practice. I could follow all of the moves so they really follow their mantra and the desire to dance is key, not necessarily all the skill.  The moves are consistently really fun and creative.

Hip Shake is $18 per month, the cost of a single class here in California, and they have a free starter option so you can try-before-you-buy.

Cons from my end:

  • The music is fun but you’re not going to be hearing the most current Drake song.
  • If you want to be working up a crazy sweat, this is not it. It’s great exercise but I didn’t find myself overly winded or sore.
  • The Hip Shake studio is a bit sparce. While it makes it easy to follow the moves, the studio could be a bit more fun to look at.

In comparison to some of the other dance DVDs/services I’ve tried, I would state the following:

  • Tracy Anderson: Hip Shake is much easier to follow than Tracy Anderson. I find Tracy’s teaching style to be a bit abrupt.  Hip Shake is much more natural, ready-to-go, and fun!
  • Zumba: Hip Shake is similar to the home Zumba DVDs on the fun scale. I really like Zumba!  However, Zumba provides various levels. Hip Shake did provide different skill levels, but when I tried them out, they seemed relatively similar to me.
  • NYC Ballet or Ballet Beautiful: I seem to have a low desire to do these as they’re not high on the fun scale. I found Hip Shake more entertaining.

All in all, Hip Shake is an awesome way to work out in the comfort of your own home, on your own time, and have fun! For a new mom, Hip Shake offers the flexibility to incorporate classes into your day-to-day without having to shell out for a babysitter.

Interested? Here is the company’s newest clip and product.

Hip Shake is starting KPop Dance Party, a high energy cardio workout that blends femme, jazz, and hip hop grooves inspired by Korean Pop Stars. They worked with Ally Vega to blend cultural influences and create an exciting routine, available online.

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