UPPAbaby G-Link Double Stroller


The UPPAbaby G-Link stroller ($499) is the company’s first double umbrella stroller. It sports a variety of unique features that set it apart from the pack.

What I like about the G-Link double stroller

The size

You will be hard pressed to find a double stroller offering this level of versatility and comfort with a smaller footprint. At only 25 pounds, this double stroller is easy to transport, takes up minimal room in your trunk, and is my pick for air travel with two kids. Additionally, with a 30” width, the G-Link fits through most doorways.

Seat features and then some

The G-Link provides comfortable seats, with nice cushioning and independently reclining seats and canopies. The stroller can be folded quickly, and can be stored upright. Additionally, the G-Link provides ample storage and comes equipped with a cup holder.     


Perhaps the G-Link’s greatest feature is its adaptability. The seats are operated independently of each other, so they can be modified to fit the needs of each traveler. The near flat seat recline allows for newborn travel, and each seat includes a unique mesh netting that, while in use, provides a safe enclosure for infants. When not in use, the netting is easily stored beneath the seat. In addition, the canopy height allows an older toddler or even preschooler to sit comfortably. Therefore, unlike many of its competitors, the G-Link can transport a newborn and preschooler simultaneously and comfortably (though I recommend this item more for children closer in age. See my note below.).    

What I would change

The G-Link is an umbrella stroller. So while the stroller provides good maneuverability, it performs best on smooth terrain and can be hard to push otherwise. I also don’t recommend this item to seat children of drastically different sizes. I used this stroller for my 20-month-old and my 4-year-old and found it a bit difficult to push without it veering slightly to my older child’s side. 

Overall, this is a wonderful option for those seeking a lightweight and durable double stroller for travel or congested areas. By far, it is my favorite double umbrella stroller on the market. You could take this one to a crowded restaurant, but probably not on a 3-mile hike. 

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