Tools for tucking in baby

Tools For Tuck-In

Need your shut-eye? A sleep expert shares gear every new parent needs when trying to get a handle on bedtime

babyinbag-225x300Baby in a bag
“A sleep sack is the best alternative to loose blankets in the crib, which can increase the risk of SIDS.And it keeps baby warm all night long.”IE Boutique Sleep Sack in Orange Dahlia, $82,

friendlyfeedingFriendly feeding
“Many infants are awakened by the discomfort of reflux or colic. This bottle helps to reduce negative pressure and air bubbles so that your baby can sleep.” Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottles, $15 for 3,

sleeptightMarching orders
“Depending on your needs, an instructional book with some solid advice can provide direction and focus. Try mine!”
Sleep Tight: Help Your Child Attain a Good Night’s Sleep in Three Days, by Suzy Martyn, $9,

blowdryerSound sleep
“Using a CD or white-noise machine provides soothing sounds for baby to fall asleep to and blocks out extraneous noises that can startle her awake.”
Baby’s Blow Dryer, Vacuum Cleaner, and White Noise 1-hour Cds (also available in MP3 download), $13 each,

peaceofmindPeace of mind
“The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has found no crib bumpers to be safe—except for these mesh versions.”
BreathableBaby BreathableBumper in Sage, $25,

quickglance-300x165A quick glance
“You hear a bump in the night and you wonder if your babe is OK. Instead of dragging yourself out of bed, just glance over at this monitor and be assured that all is well. Later, it’s handy for sleep training and transitioning from crib to bed.”
Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set, $300,

— Suzy Martyn

Suzy Martyn is an infant sleep specialist, speaker, and author of Sleep Tight. She has 25 years of experience with children in day care, the classroom, and as a parenting consultant. Find her online at
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