5 Tips for pregnant moms at the spa


If you’re planning a trip to spa, here are some things pregnant moms should keep in mind, especially if you do not know if the spa staff is pregnancy-ready.






1. Stay away from hot saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, and by grabs. Maternal temperature above 102° can affect the brain develop and of the fetus.
2. Make sure your massage therapist or beauty technician is trained in prenatal care and uses pressure little later than usual, especially around the up Domino area.
3. Never lie flat on your back after the 18th week of pregnancy. Any good massage therapist will know that you should be on your left side, propped up with a pillow or beanbag, with another pillow or rolled up towel between your legs.
4. Call before you go to make sure your manicurist uses baby safe, low fuel products.
5. For facials, avoid skin peels that contain glycolic acid or any other harsh chemicals you may have a reaction to. Your skin is likely to be extra sensitive while pregnant.

Hopefully, with these tips behind you, you can relax and enjoy. Ahhhh.

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