7 unexpected side effects you may experience during pregnancy


There are pregnancy symptoms that every one knows about – like morning sickness and fatigue – but did you know that women experience some that are uncommon and even weird?

You probably haven’t heard about these symptoms because they’re really not that glamorous. Some doctors don’t bother mentioning them because they aren’t that common and don’t pose a health risk to you or your baby.

7 weird pregnancy side effects

You may not be experiencing that many early pregnancy symptoms before your missed period, but look out for some of these less common and a unusual pregnancy symptoms:

  • In addition to suffering from morning sickness, your mouth is also in overdrive when it comes to producing saliva. It doesn’t last long but can contribute to your never-ending nauseous feeling. You can help ease this symptom by sucking on a mint, chewing gum, drinking water, and frequently brushing your teeth.


  • Women know that aversions are common, but they often don’t realize that they have an almost super-human-like sense of smell during pregnancy. It’s this increased ability to smell just about anything that will lead you to think you’ll never be able to eat some of your favorite foods ever again.


  • As your belly continues to grow, the baby is going to start pushing on your bladder. Not only will you find yourself running to the bathroom more than usual, but you may also notice that you leak a little when you laugh, sneeze or cough. It’s important not to hold it, as it’s only going to get worse as your pregnancy progresses, so make sure that you’re allowing yourself plenty of bathroom breaks throughout the day.


  • Prepare to have some pretty crazy dreams when you’re pregnant. There is no doubt that they will be memorable, but you may find it a little more difficult to believe they were just dreams once you wake up.


  • Aches, pains and cramps are some of the lesser talked about symptoms of pregnancy, mostly because they’re common enough that doctors, friends and family don’t always think to tell you about them. Your body has to make room for the baby, so it makes sense that your ligaments and uterus begin to stretch in order to accommodate. As a result, you may feel a little crampy as your joints and back do their thing.


  • One of the benefits of pregnancy is healthy hair growth. It’s also one of the less beautiful side effects. You may find that the hair on your head is looking fuller and more movie star-like, but the hair on the rest of your body is growing in places you didn’t even know could grow hair. From your chin to your nipples, hair can be found everywhere.


  • Gassiness is one of the weirder, but common symptoms of being pregnant. It can cause you to bloat and even become painful. You can treat the gas like constipation in order to relieve it and decrease how much broccoli, cabbage, corn, carbonated beverages, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower you eat.


Have you experienced any of these unusual pregnancy symptoms? Leave your comments below!


  1. I have had all of these. Each pregnancy is different. But I went through a few before I knew I was pregnant. Gas and intense sense of smell also bad tastes in my mouth. They are grate indicators if your looking for them. Lol. Just could not understand why the house smelled so bad when I clean all the time. Than had to take plenty of gasx and tums

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